July 26, 2012


Office: (519) 262-3500 x228 Email: sam.bayley@icesculpture.com
Mobile: (416) 985-2899 Website: www.iceculture.com

For more than 30 years, Iceculture has been a leader in technical innovation and creative ice design in hospitality and special event industries worldwide.  Much of the machinery, equipment and production systems have been adopted by carvers everywhere, and many of the company’s original ice designs are sought by special event organizers and wedding planners.

Iceculture is the source for eveything ‘ice’ and caters to all tastes, styles and budgets with packages and standard designs for those who want fast, reliable service and a simple ordering process.

And for those special requests such as branding or unique custom sculptures, Iceculture has a dedicated team able to create designs and options exclusively for your event.

The company’s well trained staff includes designers, a six strong studio team of sculptors and CNC technicians, expert customer service personnel and a professional crew for delivery, set-up and maintenance of your order.

High quality products backed by excellent service is a company priority.

Whether a single block design for a local wedding or a multi-block production for a project overseas, Iceculture sets up a system that embraces design, studio production, packaging and delivery, with cross-checks all along the line to ensure every stage is handled efficiently.

Iceculture is sensitive to market trends and can adapt quickly to a rapidly-changing, global marketplace. Listening carefully to our customers’ needs and offering quality products on time and within budget is a vital part of company policy.

Iceculture’s leading position in the ice industry is a role not taken lightly.  An intensive R&D program works continuously to develop new ideas and a design department constantly pushing the envelope in creativity keeps the company moving forward.

Iceculture has also been a pioneer in ice construction and has designed and built more than 25 ice lounges and restaurants around the world, including Australia (2), New Zealand (2), US (3), South Africa, Thailand, Greece, Spain, Portugal, India and Dubai.  The company has also undertaken major ice projects in Norway and all over the US and Canada.

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