May 10, 2012


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What is™? | About Our Affiliates | Corporate Office | About Our Founder

Office: (970) 949-0458
Fax: (970) 949-1554
Mobile: (516) 383-4536

What is™?™ is a network of handpicked, independently-owned ice sculpting companies providing an exceptional product, excellent service, and unique designs showcasing your event in the world of ice. We are your resource for prequalified, reputable ice sculptors in major locations globally.

Each Affiliate is selected based on exemplary service and reputation in the industry. An ice sculpting company is invited to join the™ family based upon the following requirements:
– Been in operation and in good standing for at least three consecutive years;
– An exceptionally polished portfolio carved with a chainsaw and chisel and/or CNC machine;
– Proven outstanding service record;
– Carries a minimum insurance policy that includes $1,000,000 public liability insurance;
– Ability to share sculpting files within the network of™

Within the family of™ you will find sculptures of all shapes and sizes, as well as live demonstrations and live ice performance art shows. Whether you are looking for entertainment, launching a product, getting married, designing a set, or creating a unique party space, imagine it All in ICE! Visit any one of our locations to contact the sculptor you need to bring your event to the next level of sophistication and style.

About Our Affiliates

To learn more about each of our many bases of operation, please visit the CONTACT & LOCATIONS page and select your nearest affiliate.

Corporate Office

Meet the people behind™ and learn how to contact us for coordinated nationwide or international projects on our CORPORATE OFFICE page.

About Our Founder

Known as the “IceMan” who brought the ice industry to the Roaring Fork and Vail Valleys in Colorado, Scott Rella is also an international icon in the ice industry. The founder of six and owner of five ice sculpting companies, Artist, Olympian, and World Champion Ice Sculptor Scott Rella is a New York native. Scott represented the USA at the Olympic Games in Lillehammer in 1994, Salt Lake City in 2002, as well as at the World Championships several times in Fairbanks Alaska and Hokido Japan. After many years of sculpting, competing, and performing around the globe, and more ice than he cares to think about, Scott is grateful and well amazed that he is still hungry to revolutionize the world of ice. MORE